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Performance Mysteries (The Show) | How It Works

The performance based mystery (we also call it the show) works well with large groups. The majority of your team can sit back & relax as we are bringing the show to you. We have a variety of themes that can accommodate just about any occasion.  On the day of the event our team will be on-site waiting for the event to begin. 

At the designated time our people spring into action doing reconnaissance during the reception part of your evening. That is where we get some additional dirt/gossip on the guests that we bring up during the show. We will break up the acts to fit in between the meal, awards, and other activities you have planned for the event. We will break out into focus groups about half way through the night that allow our actors to up close and personal with the guests...that is where the brainstorm accusations and insults to which cast member is the actual victim. This allows everyone to play detective and work together as tables to solve the crime. Our team travels with props and we always assign a guest to play the "paparazzi" to capture a few photos. 
A Murder Mystery Party is a great way to encourage your team to communicate, discover personal talents, and strengths. Your group will enhance and develop skills for working with each towards a common goal including communication, listening and problem solving. Here are some tips to make the best out of you murder mystery team builder.  

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