Party Ideas

Hosting a Costume Party 

Want a new way to jazz up your next Costume party?  We provide you everything you need to host the next killer costume party for groups ranging in size from 12-250 guests. Whether it's a classy, upscale affiar, or a silly celebration, know exactly what it takes to create a tweet-worthy event.  Want help creating custom cocktail names and drink ideas, we got you covered.

We are industry leaders in creating high value & memorable costume parties. Our parties are used by companies like Microsoft, Raytheon, Cirque du Soleil, and the House of Blues. Along with celebrities like Paula Dean and Jessica Biel. We would love a chance to help you look like a party planning pro as well. 

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Top 5 reasons to host a killer costume party...


  1. Your friends, coworkers, and neighbors will have actually talk to each other.
  2. Your best friends husband will be forced to come dressed as a cowboy..and lets be honest that'll just be funny.
  3. Everybody has hosted casino night one too many times and you need some fresh ideas.
  4. This might be your only opportunity to kill your annoying neighbor Darrell.
  5. When is the next time you can explain to the neighborhood association "I had to fire a gun...the murder mystery required a gunshot?