Party Ideas

Theme Parties

Looking for an exciting, sophisticated, and engaging party theme that your friends or coworkers will love! Our party themes get people of all ages talking.  We avoid cheesy characters, raunchy jokes, and out-dated scenarios. Intead we focus on classic party themes with modern twists.

With our format of mystery every guest has a part, so nobody will be left remaining disenchanted in the corner. After selecting a theme and number of patrons expected to attend, the maniacs will put together a nifty packet containing: participants’ costume suggestions, character information, all rules and regulations, name tags, and performance awards to be dispensed per the host’s discretion.  

For the day of the party, you (or our on-site facilitator) will: set up your crime scene, explain the rules, and disburse the character descriptions. The character descriptions provide information about themselves along with information about other characters at the party. Guests will use this information to interact with the other characters. Contestants will talk among one another to decipher the murderer’s identity, weapon, opportunity, and motive.  As a result, you will be the proud proprietor of an untraditional and memorable affair.  

Let us help you host a murder today! The reality is we know you have 110 other things on your plate...being a mom, dad, boss, manager, worker bee. We take pride in making you look good. We have a team of specialists ready and waiting to help answer your calls. 

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