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Are you kooking for a thrilling, sophisticated, and engaging murder mystery party for your next christmas party? Then you are in the right place. We create christmas parties your friends, co-workers and neighbors will love! The weather outside is frightening, but the crime scene inside is even more terrifying!  We would love to help you host you the most memorable Corporate Christmas Party you'll ever have! 


Why your friends or co-workers will like a corporate murder mystery party? They will have a ball dressing up and doing something new. Why your boss likes it...we are a reliable, sophisticated, and engaging murder mystery company that has been creating corporate events for Fortune 500 companies and trendy families for a little more than 9 years.

The reality is we know you have 110 other things on your plate - and take pride in making you look good. Take a break from google. You provide the egg nog and those delicious gingerbread men you're famous for! Let us provide a suspensful and corporate christmas party  that will surely get you nominated for the party of the year.   


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We create Corporate Christmas Parties for companies like...

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Top 5 reasons to host a murder mystery cocktail party...

  1. Your friends, coworkers, and neighbors will have actually talk to each other about something other than work. .
  2. Your best friends husband will be forced to come dressed as a cowboy..and lets be honest that'll just be funny.
  3. Everybody has hosted casino night one too many times and you need some fresh ideas.
  4. This might be your only opportunity to kill your annoying neighbor Darrell.
  5. When is the next time you can explain to the neighborhood association "I had to fire a gun...the murder mystery required a gunshot?